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Relocating to Sweden

It might have occurred to you, once or twice, to pack up and just move abroad. But what is that experience like and why should you move to Stockholm?

People come from all over the world to work with us. So, we work hard to help them feel at home. It isn’t all about dark winters and ancient traditions; according to our international colleagues, Sweden is the place to be. If you want to hang out like a swede, you should grab a fika with your co-workers. But, don’t have Surströmming in the office. Actually, don’t eat it at all.

Also Stockholm is in the top 10 Most Livable Cities in Europe.

Parental leave, Insurance, healthcare and vacation?

Get a picture of the Swedish way of living – unanimously popular with our international colleagues, it seems. For example; Swedes believe in equality for all. So, when a little life is born or adopted, the parents get to split a whopping 480 days of parental leave between them.

How can Qliro help you get Here?

We will do what we can to ease the hassle of the moving process. We’ll tell you more during the recruitment process.

An easy ride?

Inevitably, you will face some minor speed bumps along the road when you move. Stay open, and flexible, and you’ll be fine. Since we are over 30 different nationalities within the office. This is not something new to us. Your family will also feel welcome. We offer support and guidance to partners of relocated. We will be there along the way!

Working with us – What can we offer you?

We’ll provide a friendly working environments with competitive local benefit packages, annual off-sites and free snacks to deliver all round value to you in your role with us.

We thrive on challenges, personal growth and you will be able to excel within the company. We have a learning and development focused environment with an emphasis on knowledge sharing and training. We work hard to create a workplace which is diverse and inclusive, where you can have a great work-life balance and love the work you do.

In terms of Compensation – You’ll get an attractive salary, pension and insurance plans, along with 30 days’ annual leave and some great staff discount on purchases within the group.

Development opportunities

We’re growing. So, should you. Therefore, we value and promote our motivated and talented employees. Yes, we offer courses, mentorships and seminars for things like leadership, coding and languages. But for the most part, you’ll make your own opportunities. Because growing happens every day on the job, from each other, from our successes and our failures.

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