Your application

Once you’ve applied we will take a full look at your application. However, we do not make decisions based on the CV alone. If you are sending in a CV, feel free to let us know about anything you have done outside of your day to day work. You will hear back from us regardless if we decide to proceed or not. We hire people, not paper.

How to apply

Head back to our open positions or just follow the link. If you find something of interest just hit the I’m Interested.

What documents to send with your application

You can apply in various ways, for example using your LinkedIn profile or the more traditional CV. Just keep in mind if the ad is in English, please send us the documentation in English.

We prefer not to receive CVs by email

Considering the General Data Protection Regulation and ensuring that your application is read by the right person. Please submit your application using the form on our career website, or any website displaying a position with us.

You’re welcome to to apply for multiple positions

But we do recommend you to then give us some background. Why are several positions of interest to you and why you may be the right person for the job?


Most of our adverts run for 3-5 weeks but selection and interviews are made continuously. However, we read all applications and you will always hear back from us.

Swedish or English speaking? It doesn’t matter to us!

For most positions the Swedish language is not a requirement, but English is our corporate language, so good communication skills in English are preferable.

Recruitment process and interviews

The first interview and point of contact is usually conducted over phone or Skype and takes around 20-30 minutes. In the first interview we will be asking some complementary questions to your application for example; why you applied? and leave room for you to have questions as well.

For the second and perhaps third interview you will be invited to our office if you are a local candidate. Otherwise, we will arrange this over Skype or Hangout.

Further into the process, we perform different tests as a part of the selection process such as personality and logic tests. Lastly, we will also request to do a background check.


What you can do to prepare yourself? As much as you like us to be interested in you, we like you to be interested in us. It’s always a good idea to do some research to try and get a grasp of our business. We will try to get to know you and therefor ask questions regarding your skills, experience and passion.

No Dress Code

Our workplace is not one of the past. No stuffy suits, no dry-cleaning appointments, and forget about high heels and tight collars. Wear What You Feel Confident In!


Please send an email to work@qliro.com and we will get back to you!

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

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